The Trinity Dental Clinic ("TDC") will be established on the ELWA campus just outside the capital
city of Monrovia. TDC will also operate at least 2 days weekly at a satellite clinic to increase
accessibility. Surgical procedures will be performed by Dr. Chapman in the ELWA Hospital operating
room. Plans include expansion of the existing dental clinic at ELWA, and outfitting of "satellite" clinic.
Future plans include a separate building on ELWA campus with 6 treatment rooms.

The goal of TDC is to provide relief for the millions of people who suffer daily from dental pain,
primarily those whose lives are threatened by dental infections. The long term goal of TDC is to
improve the access to affordable, quality dental care throughout Liberia and evaluate the methods by
which smaller, sustainable clinics can be operated in partnership with local hospitals and clinics. TDC
will hire and train a dedicated full-time trained staff. Training will involve basic computer skills;
infection control; dental and surgical assisting; and training to teach oral health care.

TDC will engage short term volunteer dentists and surgeons from around the world to serve in the
clinic and also in the satellite clinics around the country.
Frieda Schmidt hopes to soon establish a Dental Therapy training school which will graduate students
trained to extract teeth and perform fillings and cleanings. These graduates will be placed in the satellite
clinics. They will also serve as a referral base for severe conditions which need to be treated with
surgical care.

TDC is committed to providing treatments to all citizens of Liberia regardless of race or religion. It
aims to provide 5,000 patient appointments and 6,000 procedures for approximately 4,000 people per
year. It will provide dental health education to 15,000 people in local schools, communities and
patients per year.
Year 1 4500 procedures on 3000 Patients
Year 2 5000 procedures on 4000 Patients
Year 3 6000 procedures on 4500 Patients
Increases in procedures and patients treated will be accomplished by increased publicity of clinic,
increase in short term volunteer participation, improvement of locally trained expertise, and
improvement of clinical facilities.

The objectives for the first three operational years are:
o Create a service-based professional dental facility and programme whose primary goal is to radically
improve oral health and provide remedial treatments.
o Assess most urgent dental needs of population, including need for targeted education for prevention
o Develop appropriate screening, triage process for most urgent needs/communities
o Establish name throughout country and into neighboring countries, building referral base
o Assess locations for future satellite clinics and establish at least one satellite
o Have sufficient trained staff to provide an effective service; accept applicants for further
training/placement in satellites
o Collaborate with local dentists, doctors, and hospitals to provide best overall treatment for the
o Help provide palliative care and/or counseling to men, women, and children who are affected by
these and also untreatable conditions.

TDC's services comprise of:

o Standard Dental Treatments:
o Fillings
o Extractions
o Root Canals
o Cleanings (Prophylaxis/Scaling)
o Potential for Prosthetics
o Pediatric services under general anesthesia

o Surgical Treatments:
o Soft tissue surgeries
o Periodontal/endodontic surgery
o Osteomyelitis treatment
o Jaw fracture reduction/stabilization
o Potential for maxillofacial surgeries

o Treatments performed for local healthcare facilities and clinic patients:
o OPG X-rays
o Histology Analysis

o Education and Training Programme:
o Mobile oral health educators visiting communities and schools
o Training of dental nurses (assistants), receptionists, and laboratory technicians
o Preventive care to diminish the onslaught of larger health problems