TDC News November 2011
TDC Expands
We have begun the process of a small expansion that will provide space for a short-stay bed for
patients needing IV antibiotics, observation, and/or recovery, as well as a new, larger denture lab
with its own dental chair.

Thanks as always for everyone's prayers and support.

A Baby Servant
Previously, we mentioned literal names that
occur in Liberia. Sometimes people carry
those literal names. Meet Baby Boy, who
Dr. Keith met on the beach one day many
months ago here at ELWA. Dr. Keith
suspects Baby Boy must have asked for
some type of help, because he returned
recently and reminded Keith of his
response, "My gift to Liberia is dental care.
If you ever need treatment on your tooth,
come find me at the hospital." So Baby Boy
came to us just last week with a bad
toothache. He was unaware, however, that
he needed the 200 Liberian Dollars (about 3
USD) to pay for the treatment, so we provided it at no charge. Today when we arrived at the
clinic, we found Baby Boy out in front raking the leaves in front of the hospital in thanks for his
treatment. What a wonderful gift of appreciation. Thank you, Baby Boy for paying for your
treatment in whatever way you could.
New York State of Mind
Many thanks to Long Islander Greg St. Clair, a
surfing dentist who provided two weeks of
tremendous service at Trinity Dental in October,
brushing up on his extraction skills, learning a new
form of English, toughening his stomach to the
spicy food, and, of course, enjoying Liberia's
waves as well. Just for the record, he had the best
wave of his life here! Thank you, Dr. Greg, for
providing relief for hundreds of people and
allowing both Frieda and Dr. Keith to take a bit of
a much needed breather.