Since he returned from his training in India, Edward has
been longing to do a mobile outreach. Our good friend Rob
Montana is an ER doctor from Alaska who has a program
with the hospital in Robertsport, Liberia, Dr. Keith's favorite
surfing village. So it didn't take a lot of convincing to get Dr.
Keith to arrange one last mobile outreach before he left.
TDC also invited Stephen Caldwell, dental practitioner from
the UMC Hospital in Liberia. Keith, Edward, and Stephen,
with the help of Henry sterlilizing instruments, treated over
40 patients and extracted over 100 teeth and did multiple
Many thanks to our volunteer dentist this past two weeks, Dr.
Sue Stevens from the UK, yet another past Mercy Ships friend.
Dr. Sue gave Edward and Matilda a much needed breather by
treating hundreds of cases, and also contributed by leading our
staff devotions nearly every morning during her time here.
We are now back in the United States, just south of Nashville, Tennessee in a town called Franklin. We
absolutely love our house and location and are trying to settle in and acquire furniture and essentials.
For a while, I felt like I was at Lowe's every other day. We could not thank our church, St.
Bartholomew's, enough for getting our house set up before we arrived. It was unreal - lots of furniture
we didn't expect, matresses for everyone, plates and kitchen ware, and a pantry stocked with food. We
were blown away. Thank you guys for your love and generosity. I have had quite a few meetings
regarding Hope Smiles future work already, and it seems I'm contacted nearly every day about another
potential partnership. I've also enjoyed staying in touch with everyone at the clinic and already
consulting on several cases with Edward and Frieda. We are almost done with our time touring around
Texas and head to see Kristin's parents, then back to Tennessee to give shape to what is in store with
Hope Smiles. Our Hope Smiles team is on its second trip to Luoyang, China as we speak, including three
dentists, a dental student, two dental hygienists, and three dental assistants. Very exciting.

fillings in just two days of clinic, while TDC was able to stay open with Matilda and Frieda providing
treatment in Monrovia. Edward and Stephen treated the majority of patients. This shows the increase in
ability to provide for rural areas directly related to the increase in availability of mid-level dental
practitioners. Dr. Keith recalls a commission in 2004 by the Ministry of Health in Benin for the country's
dentists to provide care in the rural areas. None took on the mission. Dental practitioners can be recruited
from rural areas to return there and care for their local population.