TDC News June 2011
The patient we had been praying for several weeks ago, Lasana, is now fully
recovered. He is doing well, but serves as a reminder of just how bad a dental infection
can become. The infection spread and damaged so much tissue from his chest that once
the infection cleared up, Lasana required a skin graft. But we are thankful that he
survived what was a near fatal infection. Thank you so much for praying with us.

Dr. Keith has been asked by a colleague from his former city of practice, Nashville, to
accompany him to China for a 10 day trip. The team is serving with Show Hope
(, a non-profit that aids orphans around the world, at a large foster
home and health care center about one hour's flight from Beijing. Dr. Keith will help to
set up a Mercy Ships-style temporary clinic that will offer four clinical days for the
children, staff, and their families, and also aid and train in performing sedation
dentistry for the children. The relationship with Show Hope will hopefully provide us
with opportunities around the world to do more temporary clinics and also establish
permanent clinics as well. Discussions have already started for clinics in Sierra Leone
and Haiti. Please remember Frieda and Vicki in your prayers as they "hold down the
fort" at TDC. Fortunately, they will have the help of Stephen Caldwell, the first
Liberian Dental Nurse Practitioner.
Stephen Caldwell is a part time member of our
team that has offered us a great deal of help
over the last year. He received the same
training as Edward in 2007-2008 and worked in
Ganta, Liberia until last year, when he moved
to Monrovia to finish getting his undergraduate
degree in nursing, which he will complete this
year. His hope is to soon attend dental school
back in India. Stephen has showed incredible
potential and excellent clinical skills and has
been offering treatment with us about two and
a half days each week.
Since losing our last panoramic x-ray unit to a
power surge almost 2 years ago, we've been
anxiously awaiting a new unit. Thanks to
Daniel White and Hospitals of Hope for aiding
us by installing it. Daniel has also been working
with ELWA local electrician Ben Yoko,
training on installation and maintenance of
hospital equipment.