He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap;
he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor. 1 Samuel 2:8
We are overjoyed to report that we will be sponsoring a student from
Sierra Leone to travel to India for training as a community dental
practitioner. If THAT isn't already good enough news, another student
will also be funded by a grant awarded to Hope Smiles specifically for
this training; and if THAT isn't already good enough news, yet another
funded by Gabriel and Sada Herrera, dental missionaries in Sierra
Leone, and their organization Global Connection Partnership Network.
Gabe and Sada have been in Sierra Leone since 2008 and will sponsor
one of their dental assistants that has been working with them.
Hannah and Florence are both dental assistants with nursing training as well. Hannah works in the office of
Dr. Aiah Dabundeh, a doctor who was heavily involved our work with Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone in 2004.
Florence works with Dr. Patric Don-Davis, the chief dental officer for Sierra Leone, who also did surgery
rotations and worked with Dr. Keith on the Mercy Ships Africa Mercy in 2011.

This program will not only increase the number of providers for basic dental care in Freetown, but both
practitioners have agreed to lower their fees (almost by 50%!!) for treatment provided by these practitioners
when they return. This also allows the dentists to spend more time doing more specialized procedures. In the
future, once the program is proven, scholarships can be provided for candidates from rural areas, with plans
for them to return to these areas once their training is complete, increasing access to dental care in remote
areas where dentists tend not to practice.
If all of THAT isn't already good enough news, one of our faithful assistants,
Esther, will also travel with these students to be trained as a technician in
denture fabrication. Esther has been working with Frieda since 2005. We are so
excited for her to be able to have this experience and know it will be life
changing for her in so many ways.

And if all of THAT isn't already good enough news, Esther's training is being
sponsored by a local Indian businessman who received treatment at Trinity and
was so pleased with his experience that he also has committed to sponsoring
the clinic each month financially, as well as providing us with free or discounted
materials from his building store. This is the first local sponsor for TDC and is
something we had envisioned for a very long time. We pray he will not be the

TDC plans to enroll and sponsor a student in a training program that is now active in Liberia and about to
graduate its first class of two Dental Nurse Practitioners (DNPs). The program is operated by the United
Methodist Church and was initiated by a committee called Dental Care for the World and is a two year
program for nurses to receive dental training, with an emphasis on increased access to care for rural
communities. We pray that this program may one day grow into a training center for DNPs for all of Africa.
The container that we expected would arrive Liberia in JUNE,
contains all of our supplies for the next YEAR! It did, in fact arrive
at the end of June, but has been in the port since this time. There
is no clear reason for this and Service To Servants, an organization
whose entire ministry is shipping these containers, is beside
themselves. Please join us in praying for not only this container,
but the overall system of receiving shipments, especially for
Service to Servants, to whom our hearts go out as they strive to
help us make it easier to help the people of Liberia.

Thanks as always for your prayers and support.