TDC News August 2011
Edward Maquie set out in February for the
small town of Raxaul, India, where he has
been for the past six months training as a
Dental Nurse Practitioner. Edward returned
on the first of the month, now officially
certified to perform fillings, extractions,
basic hygiene. Edward went right to work
the very next afternoon, despite our request
for him to rest as much as he needed! He
has jumped in with both feet and is
providing excellent care for every patient
he treats. As Frieda states, "He is a

Joseph Dumbuya is a dear friend of ours
from Sierra Leone who served with
Mercy Ships as a dental assistant, then as
both Assistant Dental Coordinator and
Dental Coordinator. He is now a third
year dental student in Hungary. During
his summer break, he has spent time in
the Africa Mercy dental clinic, still in his
home country of Sierra Leone, and in a
government dental clinic in Sierra Leone.
Joseph now joins us for about ten days
for some assisting and some hands-on
experience at Trinity Dental.

Edward said that his two years working as
an assistant and business assistant in the
clinic were priceless to his training. He
said his first two months in the school
were quite easy due to all that he had
already learned working at TDC. A
special thanks to Dr. Mathew at the
Emmanuel Hospital Comdent program in
Raxaul for taking care of Edward and
making the logistics so easy.
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