No dentist providing treatment in Trinity Dental
Clinic…sounds like a bad thing, right? Wrong!
Because yesterday 38 patients received relief
from their toothaches, treated by four Liberian
mid-level practitioners! (I don't like exclamation
points, but that deserves one). This week we
have the privilege of hosting the two residents
from the Dental Nurse Practitioner program in
Liberia for the second time. And our most recent
graduate from the Community Dental
Practitioner (Dental Therapy) program in India,
Matilda Dorgbah, just returned to Trinity to join
Edward, who completed the same training. I
helped with treatment on only two patients all
day. It was one of the most exciting days of my
time here.
Over the last four years, we have seen seven mid-level providers added to the number of
dental practitioners in Liberia. As many of you might realize, this more than DOUBLES the
number of practitioners in Liberia! Obviously we still have a long way to go, but our hearts
leap with joy even to see this step. This fall, Trinity will also be providing a scholarship for a
nurse from our hospital, ELWA, for the Dental Practitioner program in Liberia operated by
the United Methodist church, which means we will have three practitioners at TDC by 2015.

We are still hoping for a full time dentist for Trinity, as it will mean having more possibilities
for further mentorship, training, and providing more care with remote mobile outreaches, as
well as increase the scope of treatment offered here.

All of us at Trinity would like to thank Dr. Ayele Cox, a Liberian-American dentist at the
government hospital, JFK Hospital in Monrovia for all of her help, wisdom, and guidance in
this process over the last several years. Dr. Cox has been a huge support over the last few
years and an excellent liaison between the clinic and the government of Liberia.

We are so relieved to find a huge
treasure here in Liberia. Pam Buller, who
just recently moved here and whose
husband Eric is here doing business
missions, not only has done some
bookkeeping, but has done bookkeeping
in a dental office! (Yes, another
exclamation!) She is volunteering her
time here to help do our cash
reconciliations and accounting data entry
once I leave. Pam, your picture is next to
"blessing" in our dictionary.