April 2010
Hundreds of patients receive healing every month, and as usual we could tell hundreds of
their stories (thanks to all of you), but we wanted to take the chance to report some news
regarding our team members this month.

We are sad to announce that Frieda has had to return to Canada for several months due to
health issues. She does not want to be gone any longer than she has to, but will probably be
away for about 6-8 months. We really lift Frieda up during this time and ask that you join us
in doing so. If you are a dentist or dental therapist, please consider volunteering this fall to
help aid Trinity Dental during this tough time.

Keith-Praying for God's Favor
Keith's family has grown again, as the Chapmans have begun fostering a 2 year old boy,
their second foster son in a few months, named Favor. They would love to adopt Favor one
day if the halt on adoptions is lifted in Liberia. They are currently hoping Favor can travel
with them to the U.S. this summer, as they have already seen the drastic improvement in his
health and general well-being since he has been with their family. The U.S. side is willing to
grant the visa with a letter from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, which the
Chapmans are having a difficult time obtaining. So they really are praying for favor from the

Keith will be returning to the U.S. at the end of this month with his family. He will be in the
Nashville area during May and in Texas during June. Please contact us if you would like
Keith to give a presentation of the clinic's first year of operation.

Henry is our sterilizer and one of our staff members who has worked with Keith and Frieda
since 2005 with Mercy Ships. Henry had a baby girl and named her Kristin after Keith's wife.
Congratulations, Henry!

Brenda is engaged! She and Andrew Tyler, country director for Orphan Relief and Rescue
(and son of ex-Mercy Shippers Gordon and Lynne), made the decision to tie the knot about a
month ago. They will actually getting married in Liberia, as Andrew just accepted the C.O.O.
position for OR&R in Seattle, which would start immediately on his return to the U.S.
Congratulations to both of you!

During Keith's and Frieda's time away, the clinic will only be open only for cleanings and to
screen for severe infections in need of immediate attention. Please pray for the clinic and our
team during this time and for the transition back into full treatment. We are blessed to have
for this transition another former Mercy Ships volunteer, Jackie Colosi, who served as
Assistant Dental Coordinator on the Africa Mercy in Liberia in 2008. Jackie is a hygienist
and will be taking Brenda's place, arriving in June and staying about eight months. Thanks
for filling in the gap, Jackie.