Making Waves (Oct. 09)
Waves Will Help Dental Needs of Liberia
Liberia has been getting a lot of press recently about one of its natural resources that
was almost a secret for so long. It's not gold, diamonds, or iron, but its surf. Last
February, while in the U.S., Dr. Keith saw a TV show that he thought would enjoy what
Liberia had to offer. He e-mailed the hosts of the show called On Surfari, Shayne and
Shannon McIntyre, and asked them if they'd be interested in visiting Liberia. Shayne
and Shannon see one of the main purposes of their show as the chance to share what
people are doing around the world to help in areas of need. So over a year and a half
later, Shayne and Shannon and their two children joined us for three weeks, joined by
photographer Sean Brody and videographer Nic McClean. The show will feature
Trinity Dental as well as Strongheart House and Robertsport Community Works.
Shannon said this was one of her favorite trips she's made for the show and the whole
crew was incredibly "stoked" at the footage they were able to get of the country and
the waves. The show should air around January of next year. We'll keep you posted.
Thanks to Sean for these great pictures.
Help Arrives
We are ecstatic to be joined by some
volunteers to help share the load of providing
care for Liberia. Carol Argo, dental hygienist
from Delaware, U.S., and Rene Kanniga,
dentist from Hamburg, Germany, will both be
with us for three weeks. Both have previously
worked with us in Liberia with Mercy Ships.
And we are so thankful to welcome back
Brenda Pigeon, who was with us for four
months earlier this year, is returning as
hygienist and part time administrator for 8
Two Extremes
Trinity Dental Clinic produces enough funds almost every month from the tiny fees
that it charges its patients to cover almost all of its monthly expenses--staff salaries,
utilities, administrative fees, and minor repairs and maintenance. We see this as a
small miracle, as our fees are less than $3 U.S. for an extraction or a filling, and only
$30 for a root canal to save a front tooth. We produce less than a tenth of what an
average dental practice in the West might in a month. But another comparison is
staggering. Dr. Keith remembers while practicing in the states that the number of
new patients entering his practice in a good month was 40-50, and this was pretty
standard goal for a corporate group of almost 100 practices. Trinity Dental Clinic has
averaged over 250 new patients a month since opening last November. This is a huge
confirmation of the need in Liberia and our role here. We want to thank you for
helping us fill that role by offering gifts that will contribute almost entirely to
materials and equipment used to treat the Liberian people.