Keith Chapman

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Dr. Keith Chapman has ten years of
experience in general dentistry and
dental surgery. Since 2004, Dr.
Chapman has worked as crew dentist
with the organization Mercy Ships, a
humanitarian organization that provides
medical care to poor people in
developing nations. Dr. Chapman
conducted his undergraduate studies at
Texas A&M University at College
Station, Texas and completed his
Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the
University of Texas Health Science
Center in San Antonio.

Frieda Schmidt, R.D.T. has 20 years of
experience in various countries providing
dental assistance, with a primary focus on
dental education and training. Ms. Schmidt
received a degree in Christian education and
missions from Prairie Bible
College in Alberta, Canada. In
addition, she graduated from
the National School of Dental
Therapy in Prince Albert,
Saskatchewan Canada. She
has also worked with Mercy
Ships in West Africa for over
6 years.