Trinity Dental Clinic produces enough
funds almost every month from the tiny
fees that it charges its patients to cover
almost all of its monthly expenses- staff
salaries, utilities, administrative fees,
and minor repairs and maintenance.
We see this as a small miracle, as our
fees are less than $3 U.S. for an
extraction or a filling, and only $30 for
a root canal to save a front tooth. This
means that
gifts to Trinity Dental will
contribute almost entirely to
materials, pharmaceuticals, and
equipment used to treat the Liberian
We will utilize about $50,000
in subsidy every year to provide

On-going Partners
The population of Liberia live on
average about $1 per day. It is
currently impossible therefore for each
one to cover the cost of their treatment.
Even with no dentists' salaries, most
dental materials and supplies are only
available from and priced by the
American and European market, and
the lack of electricity in Liberia means
high prices for utilities.

For this reason, TDC relies on private
donations to help provide treatment to
the Liberian people at a price anyone
can afford.

Donations in excess of our operational
costs will invest in the future of Trinity
Dental Clinic to provide training and
internship of dental professionals,
helping with the massive needs of
Liberia and West Africa.

Click here to donate online (US$)
**Enter Trinity Dental, into "Project
Keyword" or
95210 into "Project ID"


Send check to
P.O. Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28241
and write "LR 95210 Trinity
Dental--ELWA" on the check or a note.

Outside U.S.
You may donate with credit card at link
above, receipted in US$
-or visit and click on your
-or refer to project code and information
above and follow these links to donate

SIM UK Click Here

SIM Australia Click Here

SIM Southern Africa
Please Call 021-7153200

For additional questions and an outlined
budget click here.
$3 - Their Part
$6 - Your Part
Healing - Your Gift

In 2011, we averaged over 380 new patients every month.
Nearly every single one had a toothache.
More than 7,000 procedures were done to heal them.