January 2011
Last November, TDC celebrated its second year of operation. Here's what's happening:

We are so thankful we were able to see almost 3500 new patients this year (and hundreds
who returned for a second visit) and provided over 6000 procedures, both of which were an
increase from our first year. Severe dental conditions continue to present themselves,
showing that the battle is far from over with dental complications. We treated over 400
patients with swelling of their face secondary to dental infection.

TDC has also seen at least three cases of osteomyelitis every month. This is the destructive
process that, from a single decayed tooth, can destroy a patient's bone and causes sometimes
permanent distortion of their face. We are very happy to be collaborating with Mercy Ships
and Harvard Medical School in a study researching the potential causes of this terrible
Our dental health educator, Catherine Sirleaf, continues to
teach daily in clinics, schools and other locations and has
probably provided education to at least 15,000 people in the
last year. We will increase that number significantly as
Marilyn Kollie (pictured left), a dental assistant who has
worked with Dr. Keith and Frieda since 2005, will begin to
do part time education as well.

Surfing continues to help draw attention to Liberia and
Probably our biggest news right now is that we will be sending
Edward Maquie (pictured right), one of our assistants, to a
Dental Nurse Practitioner training school in India. Edward got
his Bachelor's of Science in Biology from the Episcopal
University in Liberia, Cuttington, and has been working at
TDC now for about two years in both reception and primarily
assisting. In the intensive six month course, Edward will learn
how to perform extractions and do fillings and hygiene. TDC
has now trained two new dental assistants to fill in for Edward
and also to enable one of our assistants to have more time to
teach dental education.

Unfortunately, because of the unrest in Ivory Coast, we have
had difficulty obtaining Edward's visa to go to India, and we
cannot purchase the plane ticket without it. Please pray along
with us that we can obtain a visa quickly and purchase
Edward's ticket.